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Presented by:
Derald G. Smith & Peter E. Putnam

Many productive units in Western Canada are interpreted to be the products of marine shoreline deposition. In this depositional setting great lateral and vertical complexity is to be expected within and between reservoirs. Understanding their complexities is crucial to effective exploration and reservoir development. In order to understand these deposits one needs to appreciate the depositional dynamics and the distribution of the several sub-environments associated with shoreline deposits. Ideally, one should be exposed to both outcrops and modern depositional systems. In outcrop, one sees the vertical and lateral variability, whereas observation of modern sediments gives insight into active processes and sediment distributions at the surface.

Petrel Robertson's field seminar to the Willapa Bay area of the Washington coast is unique in that participants not only view modern sediments but also analogous Late Pleistocene deposits which are exposed in cliffs found at the shoreline.

Besides the benefits to geologists, this field seminar should also be of interest to both geophysicists and reservoir engineers. Geophysicists will be able to see the relative scale, lateral continuity and complexity of wave-formed and tidal sediments. Engineers will observe the depositional processes associated with marine shorelines and thereby get an appreciation of the number, type and extent of non-random heterogeneities found in shoreline reservoirs.

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