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In spite of the large number of well penetrations within the Upper Cretaceous of west-central Alberta, channelized Belly River reservoirs offer one of the least understood and poorly explored light oil-bearing units in the Alberta Basin. The Petrel Robertson core and field seminar centered within west-central Alberta offers participants access to outcrops which are directly equivalent to the large petroleum accumulations at Ferrier, Peco, Cynthia, and Pembina ‘DDD’ as well as being analogous to petroleum reservoirs at Chicken. Participants will view narrow lenticular conglomeratic channel fills which are bordered by thick overbank units, including levee, crevasse splay and swamp deposits. In addition, marine sandstones which form the Chungo Member will also be viewed, including conglomeratic channel fills which cut across these blanket shoreface sandstones.

The core component of the seminar exposes participants to a variety of productive and non-productive units present within the subsurface of west-central Alberta. The core component will include a lecture and seismic data.

Besides the obvious benefits to geologists, the field component of this seminar should also be of interest to both geophysicists and reservoir engineers. Geophysicists will be able to view the nature of Belly River channel fills and their relation to non-productive flanking deposits, and examine actual data acquired across productive Belly River reservoirs. Engineers will be able to observe non-random heterogeneities within a specific suite of channel reservoirs, and will be exposed to the various types of formation damage possible within these types of deposits.

This course is available upon request.

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