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Mississippian reservoirs form some of the most prolific units in the Williston and Western Canada Basins. Although laterally widespread deposits, reservoir zones are complicated by fractures and karst features. With the recent common application of horizontal drilling to these units it becomes increasingly crucial for geologists to understand the lateral complexities within these types of deposits in order to more efficiently exploit these reservoirs. The complications caused by localised faulting and karsting are also relevant to interpretations of three-dimensional seismic data as well as the definition of fluid flow fairways and impediments.

This field seminar addresses the stratigraphy, facies and post-depositional modification processes associated with Lodgepole (Banff) - Mission Canyon (Rundle) units exposed along the flanks of the Belt Mountain in north-central Montana. These rocks comprise analogues to productive units found within the Williston Basin, northwestern Montana and southwestern and west-central Alberta. Participants will view Lower Carboniferous sequences, parasequence sets and parasequences; outer ramp (deep water) carbonate mud mounds; middle ramp carbonate sand bodies; inner ramp restricted shoaling cycles; Madison paleokarst; clastic carbonate inner ramp cycles and paleosols.

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