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Until recently, Canadian tight gas production has been dominated by the hunt for stratigraphic “sweet spots”, where pockets of conventional reservoir quality can be produced within a tight gas fairway, and which drain some of the encasing tight gas sandstone facies. During the past few years, however, advances in drilling and completions and economies of scale have allowed gas producers to access gas stored in low-permeability, truly “tight” sandstone reservoirs.

Petrel Robertson’s Tight Gas Sandstone core review addresses both stratigraphic sweet spot reservoirs (and their encasing tight facies), and tight (sub-millidarcy) clastic reservoirs. Specific core sessions can be assembled to address the specific needs of clients. Examples are drawn from PRCL’s non-exclusive study “Comparative Evaluation of Tight Gas Play Opportunities, WCSB”, which addresses 13 stratigraphic intervals and 24 play types. These include:

  • Tight, organic-rich siltstones (Montney and Doig Formations);
  • Locally fractured calcareous sandstones (Rock Creek Member);
  • Stratigraphic and fractured sweet spots along extensive conglomerate / sandstone fairway (Cadomin Formation);
  • Stratigraphic sweet spots in coarser, cleaner valley-fill sandstone facies (Glauconitic Member and Spirit River Formation);
  • Stratigraphic sweet spots on conglomeratic shoreline trends (Falher and Notikewin Members, Cadotte Formation);
  • Stratigraphic sweet spots associated with early chlorite clay rims, and locally fractured tight shoreface sandstones (Cardium Formation).

One- or two-day tight gas core sessions can be customized for any client group.

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