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Prospect development and efficient reservoir exploitation rely upon detailed knowledge of reservoirs, seals, and their relationships in the subsurface. The study of cores remains the most fundamental and powerful tool in developing this knowledge, and provides the basis for application of other subsurface imaging technologies (e.g., 3D seismic, formation microscanners, advanced logging suites).

The complex stratigraphy and sedimentology of the numerous prospective Mesozoic reservoir sandstones in west-central Alberta makes a comprehensive knowledge of the rocks essential. Petrel Robertson’s three-day core seminar exposes participants to a wide spectrum of productive, prospective and trapping strata west of the fifth meridian. We will review reservoir units deposited in fluvial and estuarine channel, tidal flat, shoreface, and shelfal environments. Trapping strata include cemented sandstones, as well as impermeable overbank, interfluve, and marine deposits.

In addition to the ‘hands-on’ experience with cores, participants will receive lectures which will place the units studied within a regional paleogeographic context, and will enable them to apply their experience on this course to west-central Alberta and to other areas. PRCL has an extensive library of core logs for west-central Alberta, and can customize the course according to the specific needs of clients. Clients are encouraged to request their own specific cores of interest, to review in the context of the regional geology discussed in the seminar.

In addition to the lectures and core examination, participants will receive a course guidebook containing relevant handouts. Course participation is limited to 25 people.

Course Dates: By Request Only

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