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Geometry and Kinematics of selected Hydrocarbon-trapping, Non-contractional Structural Regimes

This two day lecture series will focus on the geometry and kinematics of tectonic regimes that have been the focus of new hydrocarbon play concepts.

Day 1 - Coupled Shelf Extensional and basin directed "toe-thrust" Systems There have been several significant hydrocarbon discoveries in deep water toe-thrust systems, associated with the mobilization of salt and/or shale. The first day of this lecture series will examine in detail both salt and shale based toe-thrust systems. Established examples that will be reviewed include West Africa (Niger Delta, Angola), Gulf of Mexico (Gulf of Campeche), East Coast India (Krishna Gadavari), and Brunei (Bram Delta). The MacKenzie Delta and East Coast Africa, two regimes that may yet be classified as toe-thrust systems, will also be discussed.

Day 2 - Strike/Oblique-Slip Fault Zones Exploration along strike/oblique-slip fault systems has traditionally focused on mapping structural traps related to en-echelon folding and contractional oblique-slip faults (e.g. southern California). More recently the association of hydrothermal dolomites with deep-seated strike-slip fault zones (e.g. northern Alberta, northeast BC, Anticosti Basin, Albion-Scipio of Michigan, Ellenberger-Texas) has generated new plays. The key issues are the relationships between strike-slip fault zones, heat-flow anomalies, fluid flow and fracture networks. This second day lecture will examine the kinematics of strike-slip fault zones based on their map patterns.

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