Southern Northwest Territories and Southeastern Yukon

Exploration Evaluation Of The Southern Northwest Territories And Southeastern Yukon (60°- 65° North Latitude)

Location: 60° - 65° N and 127°30' - 114° W
Strata: Proterozoic - Cretacious
Year of Study: 2009


A regional multi-disciplinary analysis of the Southern Northwest Territories and Southeastern Yukon was undertaken to assess the nature of petroleum reservoirs and the controls on known hydrocarbon accumulations, and to develop new play concepts and regional fairways.

The data and information used in the assessment were derived from reviewing wireline logs, cores and tests from more than 684 wells. 225 of these were cored, for a total length of approximately 9300 metres. 958 drillstem tests, most in Devonian carbonate reservoirs, were individually evaluated and assessed in an overall hydrogeology framework. The majority of these evaluated Devonian carbonates. The available geophysical data consisted of 8,595 kilometers of scanned, public seismic, and 200m x 200m residual total field aeromag data.

This exploration assessment of the Cambrian to Cretaceous succession of the region between 60° and 65° North latitude, and 114° to 127.5° West longitude completes a trilogy of PRCL projects extending from the southern boundary of the Northwest Territories, northward to the MacKenzie Delta.

The final report comprises a 300-page document and an accompanying DVD, which includes:

  • A PDF copy of the report and figures;
  • Browsable digital core photo library linked to core descriptions (in AppleCore™ format), core analysis and petropgraphy;
  • Revised digital stratigraphic tops database in Excel format;
  • Interpreted well-logs in LAS format;
  • DST and well chemistry databases in Excel format, from the Hydrodynamics chapter;
  • Geochemistry databases in Microsoft Access and Excel formats;
  • Interpreted seismic horizons in ASCII format.

The study has been configured to provide the reader with a view of petroleum opportunities in the southern Northwest and Yukon Territories that is intermediate between a high-level literature review and a prospect/development-specific assessment.

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