Exploration Analysis

The offshore of Cambodia – termed the Siam Basin – is part of the very prolific Pattani Trough of the Gulf of Thailand. Current activity within the Siam Basin involves the search for Tertiary fluvial channel sandstones, which make good reservoirs. Although originally thought to be gas-prone, the area is being re-evaluated following the discovery of oil in the Tantauan structure, in Thai waters close to the Cambodian border. Of the five onshore basins, the most prospective is the Tonle Sap Basin in central Cambodia.

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This summary, part of Petrel Robertson’s 1995 summary of exploration and development opportunities in 31 countries around the world, has not been updated. Some of the information, particularly relating to political and economic issues, is thus out of date. It is included, however, to demonstrate the breadth and depth of Petrel’s work in each of these nations.

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