Edson Devonian

Edson Devonian Study, Alberta

Location: T50-62, R12W5-10W6
Strata: Blueridge / Nisku / Leduc
Year of Study: 1989


The Edson Devonian Study covers an area of 190 townships (approximately 17,500km2) in the western Plains, Rocky Mountain Foothills, and Front Ranges of Alberta. Approximately 60 townships in the southwestern part of the area are within the Front Ranges and Foothills; the remainder is within the Plains. The Kaybob South and Rosevear Beaverhill Lake fields, as well as the Windfall, Pine, Pine Northwest, Fir, Bigstone, Simonette, and Berland River Leduc fields are within the project. Whereas these large fields were discovered in the 1950's and 60's, present Devonian exploration is focused on smaller Leduc pinnacles and Nisku reefs. Our study highlights potential for additional Devonian discoveries within the area.

The study includes a text describing the Devonian surface and subsurface geology of the area, photographs of representative outcrops and cores, descriptions and strip logs of measured surface sections; and descriptions of cores and cuttings from representative wells. Eight cross-sections and twelve maps are also included. As well, a geophysical modeling section details reef-to-basin facies relationships, and includes normal incidence stratigraphic modeling and amplitude versus offset modeling.

This project outlines the basic Devonian lithological and stratigraphic framework of the area and serves as a basis for subsequent geophysical acquisition within the project area.

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