Devonian Outcrop

Devonian Outcrop Study, Northeastern British Columbia

Location: Blocks 94-B and G
Strata: Devonian
Year of Study: 1992


The study area encompasses the Front Ranges of the Rocky Mountains lying between the Peace River (Williston Lake) and Redfern Lake, and roughly coincides with the outcrop limits of the Givetian Reef Complex (Upper Keg River - Swan Hills). The study was undertaken to complement and enhance Petrel Robertson's 1992 subsurface Devonian studies in Blocks 94-B, G, J and 0.

The main objectives of the study are:

  • To establish the main levels of reefing in outcrop and their areal distributions
  • To restudy the basin-fill succession which had previously been lumped into the "Besa River" Formation
  • To investigate the thick (1000 metre+) succession of siliciclastics that laterally replace the Mid-Paleozoic carbonate shelf complex between Lady Laurier Lake and the Halfway River, within the confines of the Laurier Embayment

Four weeks were spent in the field during late summer 1991. In total, 58 outcrops were examined, traversed or measured and sampled. A total of 3400 metres of section was measured, split roughly 50:50 between the carbonate succession and the clastics infilling the Laurier Embayment. Samples were collected for petrographic and biostratigraphic study, the results of which are included in the report.

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