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Strategic Exploration and Play Strategy Analysis

  • Review of Canadian tar sand and heavy oil business for a client group, ranking potential take-over or partner candidates.

  • Analysis of exploration potential of uphole Mesozoic targets through a large area of the Alberta Foothills, for a major operator that had focused on traditional Paleozoic targets. Petrel made specific recommendations regarding farmout opportunities and other operational issues.

  • Analysis of exploration prospectivity along entire Western Canada Foothills for an international client, ranking play types and specific opportunities.

  • Analysis of "tight gas" exploration potential in various areas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, in several distinct projects for different clients. Petrel recommended exploration focus areas to fit specific criteria identified by the clients.

  • Analysis of gas discoveries and prospectivity on the Labrador Shelf of the eastern Canada offshore, as part of a strategic study for an international operator assessing viability of undertaking operations in this area.

  • Analysis of gas prospectivity throughout the Grand Banks area of offshore Eastern Canada, as part of a strategic study for major operators in the area, assessing the viability of tying gas production from the area into the North American gas infrastructure system.

  • Introduction of Canadian companies to various international exploration opportunities, including Algeria, Australia, Germany, France and Spain.

  • Assisting a major international operator in purchasing producing gas properties in Western Canada. Petrel participated in conventional economic evaluations in addition to assessing upside potential and providing advice on evaluating drilling programs initiated by partners.

  • Assessing regional gas resource potential and exploration activity in a large area of central Alberta, to assist a midstream operator in the purchase of specific pipeline and facilities assets.

  • Comparative evaluation of large onshore / offshore exploration blocks in Chile, in support of acquisition of exploration rights by an international client

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