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  • Eastern Canada
    • Technical and operational advisor to Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation - Hibernia Field
    • Exploration and gas resource studies, Grand Banks basins
    • Regional exploration assessment, Labrador Shelf
    • Reserves evaluations, McCully Field
    • Exploration evaluation, onshore Maritimes and Newfoundland basins

  • Northern Canada
    • Mackenzie Valley and Delta regional exploration studies
    • Exploration advice to Inuvialuit and Gwichen councils
    • Exploration analysis and valuation, Lancaster Sound
    • Regional assessments of Unconventional Gas and Oil prospectivity, Northwest Territories mainland
    • Characterization of deep subsurface saline aquifers, Central Mackenzie Valley
    • Regional assessment of Unconventional Gas and Oil prospectivity, Yukon
    • Oil and Gas resource assessment of Whitehorse Trough, Yukon

  • Western Canada
    • Exploration analysis, Muskwa-Kechika Management Area, northeastern B.C.
    • Exploration analysis, Nechako Basin (B.C.)
    • Review of regional seismic data, Queen Charlotte Basin

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