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  • Conventional exploration evaluation and scoping projects
  • Conventional development work, including operations supervision
  • Oil sands and heavy oil consulting
    • Operational (seismic and drilling) support
    • Resource and economic evaluation of SAGD properties
    • Prospect development and strategic planning

  • Tight gas and oil reservoir geoscience
    • Regional comparative analysis of tight gas and oil reservoirs
    • Resource mapping and volumetrics
    • Comparative economic evaluation of tight gas and oil reservoirs
    • Evaluation and mapping of specific properties

  • Shale gas and oil reservoir geoscience
    • Regional mapping of shale gas parameters - maturity, geochemistry, thickness
    • Compilation and organization of various public shale gas and oil data
    • Evaluation of specific shale gas and oil plays at exploration and development levels

  • Regional characterization of deep saline subsurface aquifer potential, in support of unconventional resource development
    • Projects in Horn River Basin, Montney Play fairway (B.C.), and west-central Alberta

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