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2015 Announcements

September 2015

  • PRCL President Brad Hayes has been appointed by the Yukon Deputy Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, as a member of the Yukon Oil & Gas Advisory Committee. The mandate of the group is to provide ongoing advice to the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Government of Yukon, to ensure that the department supports the sustainable economic development objectives of Yukon government and the needs of the oil and gas industry.
  • PRCL has been contracted by Geoscience BC to identify and characterize the underdeveloped resource oil potential buried in northeastern British Columbia. Details at Geoscience BC

August 2015

  • The Vancouver Sun published an article August 4 by Brad Hayes, reviewing Geoscience BC's work in characterizing water resources in NEBC. Petrel Robertson is participating in GBC's Peace Project. Vancouver Sun article

July 2015

  • The Yukon Geological Survey has released Open File 2015-22, Conventional reservoir petrophysical property assessment for 34 wells, Eagle Plain, Yukon by Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. and T.A. Fraser. Details and download.
  • U.S. Oil Sands will put their new oilsands mine in eastern Utah on production later this year (Calgary Herald article). PRCL provided extensive geoscience assistance in mapping the oilsands resource to support financing and operational planning for the mine.
  • Mr. John F. Gillan, of Petro-Leaf Management Ltd. in London, UK, has joined the Petrel Robertson team as our International Advisor. Mr. Gillan will assist PRCL in business development, focused on the international investment communities in Europe and Asia.
  • PRCL has been contracted to design, manage and execute a 350km 2D seismic program onshore in S.E. Asia. The program is in the pre-planning stage and will commence field operations in January 2016. The results of the program will be used to define additional drillable locations on the client's concession.
  • PRCL has been contracted to be the lead geoscience service provider for a consortium of technical companies based in Houston. This consortium will be evaluating regional basin reservoirs for independent and multi-national oil and gas companies with a particular focus on Mexican shale gas opportunities.

May 2015

  • May 29 - Brad Hayes was interviewed on the Business News Network programme "Commodities, regarding Canol Shale oil play in the central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories." You can view Brad's interview at the BNN website.
  • May 22 - Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources elected Brad Hayes, PRCL President, to its Board of Directors
  • Brad Hayes was recently interviewed for Oil Week magazine discussing the limitations of shale oil plays. Read the article(PDF)

March 2015

  • PRCL President Brad Hayes presented "Canadian Technical Expertise in Shale Gas Development - An Industry Perspective", on behalf of the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources, at two seminars designed by the Canada Trade Commission to promote Canadian expertise in Europe.

    The first seminar was hosted by the Embassy of Canada to Poland in Warsaw (March 23, 2015) and the second by the High Commission of Canada to the UK in London (March 25, 2015).

  • Daily Oil Bulletin highlights PRCL President Brad Hayes' presentation to the Canadian Energy Research Institute Natural Gas Conference March 2nd in Calgary. Daily Oil Bulletin(subscription required)

February 2015

  • Zaitlin Geoconsulting Ltd. (ZGL) has entered into a consulting alliance with PRCL, and the two companies will work together in generating and executing new consulting and exploration projects. Dr. Brian Zaitlin, with more than 30 years experience in the Canadian oil and gas industry, including clastic geology, play generation, and exploration management, is Principal of ZGL.
  • Kathleen Dorey is co-chairing a session at Geoconvention 2015: New Horizons, Calgary. Session is titled "Unconventional Resources: Shale and Silt plays of Western Canada" www.geoconvention.com
  • Kathleen Dorey has been nominated to the Board of Directors for the Geoconvention Partnership on behalf of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG). The GeoConvention Partnership is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the annual joint conventions. The board consists of three representatives from the CSEG, three from the CSPG and one from the CWLS and is the first such partnership of the three societies. The CSPG, CSEG and CWLS will collaborate on future conventions under the mandate of improving both the technical and operational aspects of the convention program. www.geoconvention.org

Past Presentations
  • November 4 2015 Brad Hayes and Jamie Wills (Waterline Resources) will present at the CSPG Technical Luncheon on "The 'New' Hydrogeology: Renewed Importance of Water to the Petroleum Industry in the 21st Century"3.8MB PDF
  • October 8 2015 - Brad Hayes was an invited speaker at Geoscience BC Day, a celebration of Geoscience BC's 10th Anniversary. Brad summarized water resource projects undertaken by Geoscience BC - "Contributions to Water Management in the Energy Sector"3.6MB PDF
  • September 2015 Brad Hayes will participate in a panel discussion on "E&P Strategies for Water Collaboration" at the Canadian Shale Water Recycling and Reuse Congress
  • June 2015 (B.C. Unconventional Gas Technical Forum, Victoria)4MB PDF
  • April 2015 (SPE Tight Oil Workshop-Lake Louise)
  • March 2015 - (Canada Trade Commission, Warsaw and London) - "Canadian Technical Expertise in Shale Gas Development - An Industry Perspective"
  • March 2015 (Canadian Energy Research Institute 2015 Natural Gas Conference) "Western Canada's Giant Gas and Liquids Fairway: The Duvernay, Horn River, and Canol Shales"2MB PDF
  • March 2015 (Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources workshop on Tight Oil)2MB PDF
  • May 2015 (Geoconvention 2015: Geoscience New Horizons, Calgary): "Oil and Gas Potential from the Cretaceous to Permo-Carboniferous, South Central Laos".

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