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2014 Announcements
2014 News

October 2014

  • Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources has presented PRCL President Brad Hayes with the Sproule Innovation and Achievement Award for 2014. It is presented for significant contributions and accomplishments towards advancing the development of unconventional resources in Canada. Press Release(PDF)

September 2014

  • Redhill Resources has formally engaged PRCL to act as Redhill's exploration and development group on the Chinook Prospect. PRCL generated the Chinook exploration concept, and will provide ongoing technical and strategic support to Redhill. Press Release(PDF)

September 2014

  • PRCL is pleased to announce it has made available its collection of core and outcrop descriptions for purchase through its website. Access is available here:Core Descriptions. or by click "Core Decriptions" in the navigation bar.

August 2014

  • Nova Scotia Independent Review Panel on Hydraulic Fracturing submits their final report to the Nova Scotia Provincial Government. PRCL President Brad Hayes was lead author on chapters 2 and 3 addressing unconventional resource endowment and economic potential of unconventional oil and gas in Nova Scotia. PDF link to report(5MB)

June 2014

  • PRCL releases non-exclusive study "Regional Analysis and Reservoir Characterization of the Wilrich Member and Falher Equivalents, West-Central Alberta"

February 2014

  • Brad Hayes spoke to the Daily Oil bulletin about activity in the Duvernay Formation. View the 2 videos below.
    Download as video/mp4
    Download as video/mp4

February 2014

January 2014

  • Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the release of Geoscience BC Report 2014-02, "Subsurface Aquifer Study to Support Liard Basin Unconventional Gas and Oil Development, Northeastern B.C. (NTS 094J, K, N, O)." The report was completed by Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd and is available on the Geoscience BC website.

January/February 2014

  • Brad Hayes completed a University Outreach Lecture Tour for the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, lecturing at University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University, Yukon College, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and University of Alberta. He spoke on "Unconventional Gas and Oil Development - What Does it Mean for Future Geoscientists?" Listen to the inteview at CBC.

2014 Presentations

Presentations by Brad Hayes

  • November 2014 Brad Hayes (CSUR Technical Luncheon, Calgary) "Assessment of Canada's Light Tight Oil Resources"
  • February 2014 (CSPG Technical Luncheon, Calgary): "Systematic Assessment of Water Resources to Support Unconventional Play Development, West-Central Alberta"
  • April 2014 (AAPG Annual Convention, Houston): "Integrated Assessment of Water Resources to Support Unconventional Play Development, West-Central Alberta"
  • May 2014 (GeoConvention 2014 Core Conference, Calgary; with Garrett Quinn, OSUM Oils Sands Corp.): "Lower Grand Rapids Bitumen Pools at Cold Lake Alberta: Variations in Stratigraphic Setting and Depositional Environments"
  • May 2014 (PTAC Hydraulic Fracturing Forum, Calgary; with Ben Kerr, Foundry Spatial Ltd.): "Integrated Assessment of Water Resources for Unconventional Oil and Gas Plays, West-Central Alberta"
  • June 2014 (BC Unconventional Gas Technical Forum, Victoria): "Stewardship of Water Resources for Unconventional Oil and Gas Development: Canadian Perspectives"
  • September 2014 (Tight Oil and Shale Gas Water Treatment and Re-Use Initiative, Calgary): "Investigating Saline Aquifers as an Alternative to Fresh Water - Regional Characterization of Saline Aquifers in West-Central Alberta"

Presentations by Kathleen Dorey

  • Monday January 20, 2014 - CSEG Lunchbox Geophysics - "Geophysical Evaluation of an Offshore Miocene Oil Prospect, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand"
  • April 2014 (CSPG International Division Talk): "Geophysical Evaluation of an Offshore Miocene Oil Prospect, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand"
  • September 2014 ( EAGE - CSEG Land Seismic Workshop, Banff) "Analysis of Exploration Prospects, South Central Laos"

Presentations by John Carey

  • May 2014 (GeoConvention 2014) - Facies Modeling from a Non-Representative Data Set: An Example in Middle Devonian Carbonates, Clark Lake Field, Fort Nelson, B.C.

Other Presentations

  • September 2014 - Kain Michaud and Brad Hayes are presenting on Wilrich Member plays at Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources Annual Fall Field Trip on Emerging Shale Resource Plays in Alberta

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