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2011 Announcements

August 2011

  • Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (NTGO) releases NWT Open File 2011-08 "Regional Characterization of Shale Gas and Shale Oil Potential, Northwest Territories", prepared by PRCL. This report provides a comprehensive overview of shale prospectivity in the Mackenzie Corridor of NWT, and is particularly relevant in light of the large work commitments ($534 MM) made by companies for land parcels posted for June 2011 in the Central Mackenzie Valley. The Open File is available for download from the NTGO.

July 2011

  • Geoscience BC releases Geoscience BC Report 2011-11 "Deep Subsurface Aquifer Characterization in Support of Montney Tight Gas Development", prepared by PRCL and Canadian Discovery Ltd. This report is a component of Geoscience BC's Montney Water Project, designed to provide operating companies in the Montney tight gas fairway of NEBC with a complete range of options for water sources and disposal in support of large-scale drilling and completions operations. Project on the Geoscience BC Website

June 2011

  • PRCL undertakes technical evaluation of several producing and prospective properties in Kazakhstan, on behalf of KazCanadian Petroleum Corporation. With the assistance of AJM Deloitte, PRCL will assess resource and reserve potential, and recommend drilling locations to establish commercial viability of the properties.

May 2011

  • Brad Hayes, PRCL President, participated in a panel discussion: "The Current Regulatory and Geological Considerations in Managing Water Use and Frac Fluids in the Development of Shale Gas in NEBC", at the 14th Annual B.C. Natural Gas Symposium

April 2011

  • Central European Petroleum (CEP) spuds its first exploratory well at Barth in East Germany, with ongoing technical support from PRCL.

April 2011

  • Brad Hayes, PRCL President, presented a talk to the Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas Water Workshop: "Water Source and Disposal for Unconventional Gas Plays in NEBC" 5MB PDF

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