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2010 Announcements

June 2010

  • Brad Hayes, PRCL President, presented a talk to the Inuvik Petroleum Show: "Unconventional Gas - A Huge New Energy Resource for the Northwest Territories"

May 2010

    PRCL staff presented three talks at the GeoCanada 2010 Convention in Calgary:

  • The Deep Basin Development Entity: Enhancing Exploitation of Alberta's Deep Basin Tight Gas Resource" (Brad Hayes) link - 4.5MB PDF

  • Horn River Basin: Subsurface Aquifer Characterization Project" (Brad Hayes)

  • "Tectonically Influenced Platform Development in the Middle Devonian Winnipegosis Formation, Southwestern Manitoba" (Dave McDonald) link - 2MB PDF

May 2010

  • Kathleen Dorey has joined PRCL as Chief Geophysicist. Ms. Dorey brings extensive operating company and consulting experience to PRCL, and re-establishes senior geophysical capabilities on our staff. She will be responsible for standalone geophysical consulting work, as well as the integration of advanced geophysical technologies into PRCL's multidisciplinary projects.

May 2010

  • Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas releases "Assessment of Canada's Natural Gas Resource Base", written by PRCL. For this project, PRCL assembled the best available estimates of conventional and unconventional gas resources for the entire country, which CSUG used to project future gas supplies in Canada.

    PDF link to CSUG Report

April 2010

  • Geoscience BC releases "Horn River Basin Aquifer Characterization Project - Geological Report", prepared by PRCL. PRCL has also been retained by Geoscience BC to manage ongoing technical work in cooperation with the Horn River Basin Producers Group.

March 2010

  • Brad Hayes, PRCL President, presented a talk to the National Buyer/Seller Forum in Edmonton: "Canada's Gas Resources: the Picture in 2010" link - 2MB PDF

March 2010

  • Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (NTGO) releases NWT Open File 2010-03: "Northwest Territories Unconventional Natural Gas Scoping Study", written by Brad Hayes of PRCL. This report has attracted substantial attention, and Dr. Hayes has addressed several media enquiries. Followup work on unconventional gas resources is being contemplated with NTGO.

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