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2009 Announcements

December 2009

  • Brad Hayes, PRCL President, presented to the Alberta Government Competitiveness Review panel, including Premier Ed Stelmach and cabinet ministers. His presentation was "What is Shale Gas? Shale Gas Resources and Reserves" 9MB PDF

Fall 2009

  • PetroMagallanes, the Chilean operating arm of New Zealand's Greymouth Petroleum, is awarded interests in four exploration blocks in southern Chile. PRCL has provided extensive technical support to PetroMagallanes, and will continue to undertake geological work for prospect generation and exploration assessments in the area.

May 2009

  • Mr. Martin Perra has been appointed as Manager, Mapping Systems. Martin is responsible for PRCL's mapping software and databases. His major tasks include accessing various GIS-based datasets and incorporating them into PRCL projects, including operational support for our exploration clients. He has also developed expertise in complex grid-based mapping calculations for resource assessment projects.

April 2009

  • OSUM Oil Sands Corp. has completed a winter appraisal drilling program at Taiga, their major thermal recovery project near Cold Lake Alberta. PRCL and associates are assessing program results and revising detailed reservoir models in support of OSUM's plans to submit and commercial application for SAGD operations by the end of 2009.

January 2009

  • With the acquisition of PKW, a third major exploration block in Germany, and strong financial backing, Central European Petroleum Ltd. is accelerating their exploration efforts in that country. PRCL is providing geoscience support in the evaluation of CEP's blocks, and is working toward identifying drillable prospects for 2010.

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