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2008 Announcements

November 2008

  • PRCL has been appointed manager of the Aquifer Characterization Project for Geoscience B.C. and the Horn River Basin Producers Group. Under the direction of Dr. Brad Hayes, PRCL will map and characterize aquifers with potential to serve as water sources and disposal zones for spent frac fluids. Geoscience B.C. provides technical support to assist producers in exploitation of the massive new shale gas play in the Horn River Basin.

October 2008

  • Dr. John Carey has been appointed as Manager, Geologic Modeling. John brings an extensive background in stratigraphy and sedimentology to his new position, giving him an excellent perspective in the construction of geologically-realistic geocellular models. He is responsible for technical oversight of PRCL's various geocellular modeling projects, including re-scaling for reservoir simulation models.

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