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January 2018 NEW ITEM

  • The Nova Scotia Department of Energy has released a new Onshore Atlas of Oil and Gas Potential. PRCL worked closely with Nova Scotia DOE staff to create Open File 2017-03 "Assessment of Oil and Gas Potential, Windsor and Cumberland Basins, Onshore Nova Scotia". The report is available online here.

November 2017

  • Brad Hayes, PRCL President, recently completed visits to four universities in western Canada and two in Ontario on behalf of Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR). He spoke to the Daily Oil Bulletin about the program in this article (pdf, 130kb)

July 2017

June 2017

  • Brad Hayes is pleased to announce that David Johnson has joined the PRCL team as an Adviser. David is a geoscientist, and comes to PRCL with more than 30 years of Global, Canadian frontier, and Western Canadian E&P experience. In positions of progressive technical and managerial responsibility David has worked for Shell, Exxon Production Research, ExxonMobil Exploration, Husky Energy, and subsequently launched a public international start-up. Dr. Johnson has business development, operations, geoscience research, and technical E&P experience covering more than 40 petroleum provinces in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas; led the bid-round acquisition of more than 20 PSA's and EL's; and made significant discoveries, among others, in the Canadian Frontiers and South China Sea. David assisted the Kuwait Oil Company with their establishment of a new Research & Development Group, and subsequently was Adviser & Chief of Exploration - Business Development with KUFPEC. David received a BSc in Geology from the University of Calgary, and a PhD in Geological Oceanography from Dalhousie University. David is an Adviser with Canadian Global Exploration Forum (CGEF); a private non-profit organization that promotes Canadian International exploration and production companies.

April 2017 NEW ITEM

  • On Tuesday morning, May 16 at the 2017 Geoconvention (Telus Convention Center, Calgary), Kathleen Dorey is chairing a technical session with co-chair Gary Paukert entitled "International Case Studies 1". Six thought provoking industry papers by veteran as well as new speakers will be presented which include case studies from the U.S. (Wolfcamp, Utica), Nigeria, Albania and Japan and Sweden. For more information see here.
  • Kathleen Dorey was mentioned in an article in the Business Standard of New Delhi: 'Oil & Gas sector bringing socio economic change: Pradhan'. The article, cited Ms Dorey as one of three eminent speakers with a view to accelerating efforts to empower women in the oil and gas sector at the Petrotech pre-conference forum in December 2016. Business Insider article.
  • The VIG (Value of the Integration of Geophysics) Committee of the C.S.E.G. has asked Kathleen Dorey to publish an article for the upcoming special Recorder issue planned for September, 2017. The issue will focus on value added applications of geophysics during challenging global economic times. Ms Dorey's article will write about geophysics applications in S.E. Asia and how that could affect the economic independence of the region by discovering historic first ever hydrocarbon production.

March 2017 NEW ITEM

  • Groundwater characterization projects by PRCL and technical partners for Geoscience BC in the Montney play fairway of northeastern BC are highlighted in the Alaska Highway News.

February 2017

  • PRCL is working with Geoscience BC on the B.C. Natural Gas Atlas project, discussed in this article from the Vancouver Sun.
  • Brad Hayes, representing Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources, will be the keynote speaker at "Opportunities in Mexico's Upstream Oil and Natural Gas Market", sponsored by Global Affairs Canada. Brad will speak in Monterrey and Saltillo, Mexico on March 21 and 22, discussing opportunities and technology in the Canadian upstream sector for Mexican investors, operators, and service companies.
  • Petrel Robertson has engaged in a research partnership with Dr. Clayton Deutsch of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. Dr. Deutsch and students are investigating geostatistical analysis of airborne geophysical data acquired by Sky Hunter Inc. to predict resource variables for subsurface bitumen deposits. PRCL has supplied detailed mapping and characterization of existing bitumen deposits to support the assessment.

January 2017

  • The Alberta Government, in conjunction with Global Affairs Canada and Export Development Canada, led a trade mission to New Delhi, India from December 4 to 10, 2016. Petrel Robertson one of eighteen companies selected to represent the oil and gas industry from Alberta. The trade mission provided opportunities for one-on-one meetings with potential joint venture partners, national oil companies, agents, and producers. The trade mission also participated in the Petrotech 2016 Conference which was an excellent platform for Alberta companies to meet with specialists and experts to discuss business opportunities within the Indian oil and gas industry. Kathleen Dorey, Managing Partner represented Petrel Robertson during the Alberta trade mission and at the Petrotech 2016 Conference and also had the opportunity meet with Canada's High Commissioner to India, Nadir Patel.
  • Brad Hayes has been awarded the 2016 CSPG President's Award, the Society's top volunteer award, for Outstanding Service by a CSPG Member. Presentation of the Award will take place in May 2017.
  • Central European Petroleum, an exploration company led by former PRCL President Peter Putnam and PRCL Chairman Alula Damte, have announced a significant gas and liquids discovery at Guhlen-1a in eastern Germany. PRCL has provided geoscience and technical support to CEP since its founding 10 years ago. CEP is appraising and developing the Guhlen discovery, and continues exploration work on its large landholdings in Germany.

November 2016

  • Kathleen Dorey has been invited to speak at the forth coming Petrotech conference in New Delhi, India on Sunday, 4th Dec 2016. The session is called "Women Leaders in Oil & Gas - The Emerging Trends". PETROTECH - 2016 is India's flagship International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt. of India and is one of the most prestigious international conferences with more than 5000 delegates from nearly 50+ countries participating. The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi will also be on hand to inaugurate this year's conference.

October 2016

  • Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR) hosts Duvernay Day. This one day technical workshop will focus on the emerging Duvernay Resource Play in west central Alberta. Hear from recognized experts in Government, Academia, and the Operators themselves. Key discussion themes will cover water management, sub-surface development planning and induced seismicity. Duvernay Day takes place at the Eau Claire Sheraton on Wednesday October 26. See the CSUR website for more details, or contact Cynthia Lamont.
  • Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. of Calgary, in coordination with Global Shale Plays LLC. (GSP) of Houston, will be conducting a detailed geoscience study of the Eagle Ford formation and other oil and gas bearing formations in Northern Mexico across from the border from South Texas. The group has been authorized by the Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos (CNH), a Mexican government office, to develop and market the project to industry and other interested parties. The proposed area covers about 16,100 km2 and falls within the northern extent of the Burgos Basin, continuing up to the Piedras Negras area. The study will utilize existing 2D and 3D seismic, advanced pre-stack inversion techniques, wells, core data, as well as existing airborne-gravity, magnetic, and electro-magnetic data, as available, to map, assess and high grade areas of potential hydrocarbon accumulations. For further information on how to participate in the study contact: Kathleen Dorey (kdorey@petrelrob.com) or Brad Hayes (bhayes@petrelrob.com)

September 2016

  • Brad Hayes will be one of the Head Table Experts at Canadian Society of Unconventional Resources Executive Roundtable: The Employment Crisis for Canada's Energy Professionals - October 6 at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre. Free registration for Professionals in Transition. Registration here

August 2016

  • PRCL client US Oil Sands is nearing completion on their new oilsands project in Utah. PRCL played a key role in defining and mapping the oilsands reserves that USOS is developing. See the story at JWN Energy
  • CSUR (Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources) is hosting an information session regarding regulations around methane emissions. Click here for details

June 2016

  • Brad Hayes addressed the Canada-Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA) in Calgary on June 6th, speaking on using Canadian geoscience skills to evaluate international oil and gas assets for investors. link to presentation(4MB PDF)

May 2016

April 2016

  • Bill Whitelaw, President and CEO at JuneWarren-Nickle's Energy Group, and a Director of the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources, shares his insights on key energy-related issues of the day.
    LEAP Manifesto
    Fracking and Earthquakes
  • Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. (PRCL) and Quaternary Geosciences Inc.(QGI) have completed a geological characterization of Quaternary and other nearsurface formations in the Peace Project area. Building on existing geological mapping and hydrogeological reports, the investigations used cased-hole gamma logs run through surface casing in petroleum boreholes to map depth to bedrock (and hence thickness of Quaternary cover), and the distribution of aquifer sands in the Quaternary section. This was done in support of Geoscience BC Report 2016-03, mapping groundwater resources using airborne geophysics.

    The PRCL/QGI portion of the project is available for download on the Geoscience BC website (Geoscience BC Report 2016-04).

March 2016

  • Brad Hayes addressed the Canadian Institute 16th Annual Arctic Oil & Gas Symposium, speaking on the importance of geological work to better understand unconventional oil and gas potential in northern Canada. Read the Article (PDF)
  • PRCL has teamed with Dr. Nick Harris (University of Alberta) and Dr. Graham Dolby (consulting biostratigrapher) in evaluating Cretaceous Lower Goru sandstone reservoirs in the Indus Basin of Pakistan. The team, led by Dr. John Carey of PRCL, is working with Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. to better understand reservoir quality and distribution in this emerging gas/condensate system.

February 2016

  • On March 8, at the 2016 Geoconvention(Telus Convention Center, Calgary), Kathleen Dorey is chairing two sessions with co-chair Brian Zaitlin entitled "Technology for Unconventional Resources". Twelve high level industry papers being presented in both morning and afternoon sessions. The focus will be on new and evolving technology as applied to Unconventional Resources worldwide. www.geoconvention.com
  • Brad Hayes commented in an article at Business In Vancouver on the New Brattle Group report which says increased investment in renewable energy in Asia and Europe could reduce financial support for LNG projects. Business In Vancouver article

Presentations by Brad Hayes

  • October 31, 2017: Brad Hayes and Dan Allan (President, Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources) presented "Unconventional Energy - How it Changes the Game" to students and faculty at the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University, and Simon Fraser University on October 31-November 2. This Outreach tour was sponsored by CSUR to provide accurate scientific information around unconventionals and related environmental issues such as water resources, induced seismicity and methane emissions. Followup sessions will help students to think critically around advocacy positions, and will provide honest insights around the state of the oil and gas industry and employment prospects for new graduates.
  • February 7, 2017: PRCL associate Dr. Brian Zaitlin of Zaitlin Geoconsulting Ltd. and Dr. Tom Moslow will present "Variations in Paleodrainage and Depositional Style between the Underfilled and Overfilled Foreland (Deep Basin), Western Canada Sedimentary Basin," at the CSPG Technical Luncheon.
  • February 15-17, 2017: Brad Hayes, representing the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Ambassador Program, will present "Protecting the Environment while Developing Unconventional Oil and Gas: Because it's 2017" to geoscience students at the University of Regina and the University of Manitoba.
  • March 11, 2017: Astrid Arts of Cenovus Energy and Brad Hayes of PRCL will present a core workshop addressing a spectrum of plays in the Montney Formation to geoscience students at the University of Alberta, on behalf of the CSPG Ambassador Program.
  • March 14, 2017: Peter Putnam (past President, PRCL) and Alula Damte (Chairman, PRCL) will present "Applied Political (geo)Science: The History, Context and Technical Basis behind Central European Petroleum's Guhlen Discovery, Brandenburg State, Eastern Germany," at the CSPG Technical Luncheon
  • May 17, 2017: On behalf of the project team assembled by Geoscience BC, Brad Hayes will present "Identification and Evaluation of New Resource Oil Plays in northeastern British Columbia" at Geoconvention 2017. Co-authors include Brent Nassichuk and Raphael Wust of Trican Geological Solutions, Bob Bachman of CGG Geoconsulting, and Jason Clarke of PRCL.
  • March 17 2016 (Canadian Institute 16th Annual Arctic Oil & Gas Symposium) "Geological Framework - Mapping Unconventional Resource Potential in the Northwest Territories"
  • March 18 2016 (CSPG Ambassador Program, University of Alberta) Brad Hayes and Dan Allan, Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources - "Geology of Unconventionals" Short Course
  • April 4 2016 (10th Annual B.C. Unconventional Gas Technical Forum, Victoria) Brad Hayes and Vic Levson, Quaternary Geosciences Inc. - "Interpretation of Quaternary Sediments and Depth to Bedrock, Peace Project Area, Montney Fairway, NEBC
  • April 14 2016 (APEGA Calgary Branch Luncheon) "Unconventional Oil and Gas in Alberta - Now, and Looking to the Future"
  • May 5 2016 Brad Hayes: (Ontario Petroleum Institute 54th Annual Conference - "Discover the Future") Brad will speak on Canada's unconventional oil and gas plays
  • June 22 2016 (American Association of Petroleum Geologists ACE 2016) "Comparing Basin-Centred Gas Prospectivity in the Bowen-Surat Basin (Queensland, Australia) with the Deep Basin of Western Canada and the Piceance Basin (Western U.S.)"

Presentations by Kathleen Dorey

  • May 23, 2017: APEGA has asked Kathleen Dorey to join a panel and networking event on 'Women in Engineering & Geoscience' at the Calgary APEGA office. The event will kick off with speed networking exploring early career experience, international women in the professions, and women in management and executive roles. Ms Dorey will be present to help facilitate conversations and promote sharing with respect to the Executive/Management career level. For more information and to attend see here.
  • Kathleen Dorey presented a paper at the Mexico Mature Fields conference in Mexico City, February 21-22, 2017. The presentation was made in conjunction with GSP LLP, a Houston based company. The paper focused on the highly prospective oil and gas potential of the Eagle Ford and Pimienta formations of northeastern Mexico. The conference featured business and technical presentations with networking opportunities as well as meetings with Mexican operators, government agencies and services and supply companies. https://maturefieldsmexico.com/
  • November 9 2016 Kathleen Dorey will be giving a talk at the CSPG International Division lunchtime forum to members and guests interested in the geoscience and hydrocarbon potential of Laos, S.E. Asia on Wednesday November 9th, 2016. The talk is entitled 'Value Added Geoscience: A Case Study from Laos, S.E. Asia'. The event will take place in the Nexen Plus 15 Conference Centre located in the Nexen Annex Building.
  • May 5 2016 (5th Annual CSEG Symposium, Calgary) Kathleen Dorey, Chief Geophysicist at PRCL has been asked to speak at the event which showcases the CSEG's best speakers. Ms. Dorey's talk is entitled "Value Added Seismic Interpretation in Southeast Asia". This year the Symposium will also posthumously honour Bill Nickerson as well with the theme of Integrity, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

Other Presentations

  • May 17 2017: at the 2017 CSPG Geoconvention (Telus Convention Center, Calgary), PRCL Associate Brian Zaitlin will be co-chairing a session with Tristan Euzen (IFP) entitled "The Montney Formation: New Insights on Stratigraphy and Sedimentology".
  • May 18-19, 2017: PRCL associate Dr. Brian Zaitlin (Zaitlin Geoconsulting Ltd.), Dr. Tom Moslow (Moslow Geoscience Ltd) and Gemma Hildred (Chemostrat Inc) will be presenting a core display titled Variability in Spirit River (Wilrich-Falher) Reservoir Facies Associations in the Deep Basin: sequence stratigraphy, accommodation space, reservoir quality and chemostratigraphy" at the CSPG Core Conference (in conjunction with Goconvention 2017)
  • April 28 2016 Brian Zaitlin: (Zaitlin Geoconsulting Ltd.) will be presenting a talk at the Canadian Society of for Unconventional Resources (CSUR) 2016 Advanced Technology Workshop - "Deep Basin Unconventional Reservoirs: Profitability in a low price environment" titled Variations in Sequence Stratigraphy, Accommodation Space, Paleodrainage and Depositional Style between the Underfilled and Overfilled Foreland Basin Portion of the Western Canada Sedimentary coauthored with Tom Moslow.
  • April 28 2016 Brian Zaitlin: (Zaitlin Geoconsulting Ltd.) will be co-presenting a core display at the Canadian Society of for Unconventional Resources (CSUR) 2016 Advanced Technology Workshop - "Deep Basin Unconventional Reservoirs: Profitability in a low price environment" titled Variability in Spirit River (Wilrich-Falher) Reservoir Facies Associations of the Deep Basin: sequence stratigraphy, accommodation space, reservoir quality and composition with co-author Tom Moslow.

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