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August 2018 NEW ITEM

  • The Daily Oil Bulletin (August 7) published Brad Hayes' monthly analysis article: "The 'Climate' for Unconventional Oil and Gas Development Across Canada - Where are We, and Why?". Link
  • July 2018 NEW ITEM

  • Brad Hayes is now a regular contributor to JuneWarren Nickle's Daily Oil Bulletin. About once a month he will publish an article providing deeper perspectives on aspects of the oil and gas industry, based on his diverse experience in industry, technical and professional organizations, and universities. Brad's first article "Is the 'Shale Revolution' Working for Oil?" appeared July 9th at www.dailyoilbulletin.com.
  • May 2018 NEW ITEM

    • David Johnson was appointed Director of the Canadian Global Exploration Forum (CGEF). CGEF is the only registered Canadian organization that serves and promotes Canadian-based International oil and gas Exploration and Production companies around the world. The CGEF mission is to facilitate cooperation among Canadian international petroleum exploration and production companies through the sharing of expertise, technology and opportunities; and to promote member companies through the development of affiliations with government agencies in Canada and internationally.

    May 2018 NEW ITEM

    • David Johnson is the Technical Chair for the Annual CGEF Conference June 11, 2018. The conference "A New Beginning for Global E&P" will examine the changing landscape of international E&P and will highlight where experience, opportunity and financial markets are likely to combine to reinvigorate international E&P. The aim of the conference is to connect international E&P companies, governments, service providers, consultancies and financiers with new business opportunities across exciting new geographies and frontiers. This year the conference will immediately precede the annual Global Petroleum Show, June 12-14, and CGEF will be hosting Country Markets at GPS to provide dual access to the unique business content of the CGEF program, and an additional three days of international networking opportunities.

    May 2018 NEW ITEM

    • Kathleen Dorey was appointed as Co-Chair of two International Case Studies Sessions at the 2018 Calgary Geoconvention in May this year. The sessions included 12 international oil and gas talks and speakers gathered from Europe, the Middle East and North and South America. This preeminent oil and gas technical convention sees the CSEG, CSPG and CWLS come together to host the event on an annual basis in Calgary. The convention brings together nearly 4,000 geoscience professionals from North America and around the world to provide a diverse technical program that integrates all the geosciences, combined with professional development programs and valuable networking opportunities.

    May 2018 NEW ITEM

    • Kathleen Dorey has been nominated by her industry peers to Chair the CSEG Foundation for the next term of the organization. The CSEG Foundation has been established to encourage and support scientific, educational and charitable activities that benefit geophysicists through the solicitation of contributions aimed at promoting the development of geophysical knowledge, education and public awareness. Based in Calgary, it is a Canadian foundation with initiatives all across Canada and has a membership of 2000. Some of the aims of the Foundation are:
    • Establish programs supporting education in geophysics and the earth sciences;
    • Support post-secondary education in geophysics and the earth sciences, including the CSEG scholarship programs;
    • Support continuing education of geophysicists;
    • Support scientific activities and academic research programs;
    • Support the development and improvement of geophysical methods;
    • Liaise with other geophysical foundations throughout the world (e.g. SEG Foundation)
    • Support the preservation of the history of geophysical exploration.

    May 2018 NEW ITEM

    • PRCL has teamed with Isobrine Solutions (Dr. Ben Rostron), Sherwood Geoconsulting (Dr. Mark Cooper) and Dr. John Pantano to undertake a regional assessment of basin-scale stratigraphy, structure, hydrogeology and petroleum systems in the southern Indus Basin of Pakistan for Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. Our goal is to better understand fluid movements and development of petroleum systems in the basin, in order to assess risks around hydrocarbon charge in structural traps.

    May 2018 NEW ITEM

    • PRCL has submitted a draft final report "Identification and Evaluation of new Resource Oil Plays in NEBC" to Geoscience BC. This project, completed jointly with Trican Geological Solutions and Howard Anderson, reviews the entire stratigraphic section throughout northeastern BC, identifying and ranking potential for new development of oil from low-permeability reservoirs.

    May 2018 NEW ITEM

    • Brad Hayes has been recommended as a Subject Matter Expert to advise the Expert Panel on Hydraulic Fracturing reporting to the British Columbia government.

    May 2018 NEW ITEM

    • Geoscience BC is preparing to release the final report on the Peace Project, a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment of shallow groundwater aquifers in the Montney play fairway of northeastern B.C., available here. The Project provides a thorough understanding of aquifers and shallow groundwater in the Peace region, and makes it possible for First Nations, energy companies, communities and government to make informed decisions abouth the use and protection of water resources. PRCL, in collaboration with Quaternary Geoscience Inc., provided foundational work in mapping depth to bedrock and Quaternary sediments in Geoscience BC Report 2016-04

    May 2018 NEW ITEM

    • Brad Hayes has been appointed Director of Outreach for Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR). Brad is responsible for design and delivery of presentations to educate university students and faculty, and the general public, about issues around unconventional resource development.

    January 2018

    • The Nova Scotia Department of Energy has released a new Onshore Atlas of Oil and Gas Potential. PRCL worked closely with Nova Scotia DOE staff to create Open File 2017-03 "Assessment of Oil and Gas Potential, Windsor and Cumberland Basins, Onshore Nova Scotia". The report is available online here.

    Presentations by Brad Hayes

    • June 5, 2018: Brad Hayes will present "Views from Across Canada - A Non-Operator Perspective" at CSUR's breakfast meeting "Fractured Groiund: Hydraulic Fracturing and Public Policy".
    • April 23, 2018: Brad Hayes presented PRCL's final report on "Identification and Evaluation of new Resource Oil Plays in NEBC" to the Unconventional Gas Technical Forum in Victoria.
    • May 10, 2018: Conversations that Matter interviewed Brad Hayes about unconventional resource development and hydraulic fracturing link

    Presentations by Kathleen Dorey

    • May 2018: Kathleen Dorey gave the following talk at the 2018 Geoconvention in Calgary in May: 'Translating 2D Seismic to New Oil and Gas Resources'. The talk highlighted the successful and value added application of geophysical processing and interpretation on behalf of a Canadian oil and gas company in Laos. The work processes were outlined and the economic value they added were highlighted throughout the presentation. In addition newly identified gas resources of up to 36 Tcf (risked) were quantified which, in the future, may trigger the beginning of hydrocarbon independence for that country.
    • May 2018: 'Westward Extension of Prolific Eagle Ford/Haynesville (Eqv.) Production into Mexico' was the title an additional talk Ms. Dorey gave at the 2018 Geoconvention in Calgary in May. In 2015 the United States Energy Information Agency assessed the Burgos Basin of Mexico to have 6.9 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BBO) and 43 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of risked recoverable resources in the Eagle Ford Formation. Likewise they assessed risked resources of 11 BBO and 119 TCF for the Pimienta Formation (Haynesville equivalent) for the same area. As a result of this report there has been renewed interest in the mapping and delineation of these unconventional reservoirs from South Texas into Mexico across the border. This talk outlined the reservoir characteristics and geoscience prerequisites for successful oil and gas exploration in the area. In addition, details of what a company would have to consider moving into the area such as the current market demands, land availability, availability of equipment, environmental issues and security were outlined and discussed.

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