PRCL works closely with these organizations, which provide essential skill sets on specific projects.

Waterline Resources Inc.
Hydrogeology and Water Resources Development
Foundry Spatial Ltd.
Surface Water Resources and GIS
Ben Kerr (Principal)
Zaitlin Geoconsulting Ltd.
Clastic / Petroleum Geology and Play Generation
Brian Zaitlin, Ph.D., P.Geol. (Principal)
CGG Services Canada Inc. (Taurus Reservoir Solutions)
Reservoir and Geomechanical Simulation and Engineering
ELcral Ltd.
Oil and Gas Development Consultant, Reservoir Engineering
Chris Longson, P. Eng.
Calpetra Research and Consulting
Reservoir Engineering, Carbon Sequestration
Rob Lavoie, P.Eng. (Principal)
AJM Deloitte (Calgary office)
Petroleum Engineering and Valuation Services
Forward Energy
Petroleum Upstream Analysis

Quaternary Geosciences Inc.
Quaternary Geological Interpretation and Mapping
Vic Levson, Ph.D., P.Geo (Principal)

Hayden Geological Consultants
Sample Cuttings Evaluation
Doug Hayden
Ed Klovan, Ph.D., P.Geol.
Carbonate Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Reservoir Description

Invico Energy II
Private Equity Energy Investment
RPS Energy (Calgary office)
Petroleum Engineering
GLJ Petroleum Consultants
Petroleum Engineering

Sightline Geological Services
Geological Mapping / Interpretation
Exploration and Development Strategy
Sharon Macleod, Ph.D., P.Geo (Principal)
Drivet Geological Consulting
Carbonate / Petroleum Geology
Eva Drivet, M.Sc., P.Geol. (Principal)

Sherwood Geoconsulting Inc.
Structural Geology Consulting
Mark Cooper Ph.D., P.Geol.,
Marion Warren Ph.D.
Dennis Beliveau, P.Eng
Reservoir Engineering

Graham Dolby, Ph.D., P.Geol.
Biostratigraphy, Palynology
Nicholas Harris, Ph.D., P.Geol.
Petrographic and Diagenetic Studies
Reservoir Description
SR Eco Consultants
Project Management, Geophysical Analysis, Journalism and Reporting
Susan Eaton, P.Geoph (Principal)
Falcon Geo-Consulting
Structural Analysis and Modeling
Jan Witte (Principal)
Strategic West Energy Ltd.
Strategic Advice/Resource Development Consulting
Derek Brown (Principal)
ITASCA Microseismic and Geomechanical Evaluation
Shawn Maxwell, Ph.D., P. Geoph.

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